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Help to preserve the Cochamó Valley

The conservation of the pristine Cochamó valley is key to allow future generations to have the opportunity to enjoy it. In doing so, we need human resources to keep appropriates maximum capacities at the campgrounds, take care of the environment and protect the cultural heritage. 

We will use 50% of your donation to run conservation programs in order to take care of the valley in the long term and the rest 50% in creating the right infrastructure to educate visitors on minimal impact ethics while visiting the valley. 

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Lines of action we are working on and can continue with your help: 

Conservation programs..

• Forest services workforce all year round.

• Reservation and registration program.

• Recycling program.

• Environmental education program for visitors and locals tourist operators. 

• To add layers of protection to the valley. 



• Visitors Center at the trailhead. 

• Public Bathrooms at the trailhead.

• Recycling center at the trailhead.

• Waste reduction and education stations at the campgrounds. 

• Sustainable eco-bathrooms at higher camps. 

• Shelter for loading and unloading packhorses. 

• Trail work.

• Interpretive, educational and indicative trail signs

Cochamó Valley is not a park or national reserve. Approximately 62% of the valley is privately owned. This project is run by members and a directory who represent the actors in the valley (horse-guides, land owners, tour operators, neighbors, among others).

Our goals include developing responsible and sustainable tourism and protecting areas of the valley for conservation of nature and cultural patrimony, to be responsibly shared with everybody that values the destination, the environment and outdoor sports. 


Thank you for your support protecting the valley!

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